Utah Communities for Healthcare Coverage

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    We are a group of individuals and community organizations working to gain support for Governor Herbert's Healthy Utah Plan which increases access to healthcare coverage in Utah.

    Governor Herbert's Healthy Utah Plan is an efficient way to balance Utah's political atmosphere with increasing access to healthcare coverage for the uninsured. It utilizes the private insurance market to provide health insurance for Utahns living at or near to the poverty line. If implemented; not only would it return nearly 250 million dollars paid by Utahns to the federal government each year, it would also provide health care coverage for nearly 110,000 Utahns who are medically frail, parents, or adults without children. 

    Utah is one of three states considering the opportunity to help more of its citizens gain healthcare coverage. Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan is the best way to make it happen.

    Please become a part of our group and help us in making Utah a better place.

Latest developments

  • New Demographic Analysis
    Most Utahns who would benefit from the Healthy Utah Plan are already working
  • Utahns Overwhelmingly Support Guv's Healthy Utah Plan
    Broad Support Results:  >88% of voters prefer Healthy Utah over the status quo (doing nothing). >83% believe "all legal Utah residents should have access to affordable health insurance." >72% of voters support accepting the return of federal dollars to Utah for assistance with health care.  >70% of voters prefer Healthy Utah over traditional Medicaid expansion. Support for Healthy Utah spans the political spectrum (vs. doing nothing): >Somewhat conservative: 93% support Healthy Utah  >Ver

Stories of who would be helped by the Medicaid Expansion

  • Don

    In 2010 Don got an infection.  He had no insurance, and so didn’t get appropriate care until it spread to his spinal cord and brain.  Survived the infection, but is now permanently disabled as a result.

  • Lindsi

    In her first year of Medical school Lindsi was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis.  She kept a full time job for the first two years of medical school just so she could keep insurance coverage.  In the third year of school, her schedule forced her to drop the job, so she got cut off from insurance.  Her Medication costs $5000 per month.

  • Sophia

    Lost her insurance when her husband left her and their two young children.  Unable to get on any other insurance because she had a pre-existing condition of diabetes.  Has had multiple emergency room visits and hospitalizations because of not being able to afford the insulin to treat the diabetes.

  • Pual Gibbs & Entitled to Life

    Via his blog

    In November of 2008, I went in for what I believed was going to be a check-up with a new primary care doctor. I knew that for about the past year and a half I’d been getting sick a lot more frequently, but I didn’t really think about that. I just wanted to get the appointment done with.


  • Emily

    Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.  Lost her insurance when she got laid off, and so could not afford the chemotherapy and radiation that her doctors recommended.  The Cancer came back in the fall of 2012, and is now widespread. Emily passed away in early 2014. 

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